My Miniz by Mireille EID

My Miniz is a fashion jewellery brand providing on-trend, customizable and affordable pieces for everyday wear. Carefully designed and meticulously crafted in a state-of-the-art workshop.

Obsessed with new trends, we score the globe to offer a diverse assortment of stunning jewellery pieces that fit any budget.

We always get what we like, don't you?

Wear what you believe in. Believe in what you wear.

MiniLux Aurora earringsMiniLux Aurora earrings
  • Every Necklace is a unique piece!

  • A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices!

  • Delicate, simple and unique necklaces!

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Meaningful Christmas gifts!

Christmas customizable messages necklaceChristmas customizable messages necklace
  • Name Necklace ideas

    Add a little piece of love to your necklace!

  • Eyeglasses name strap

    Add your name to your eyeglasses strap!

  • Eyeglasses funky strap

    A name with a twist for your eyeglasses starp!

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Distinguish yourself!

Zuri Cuban Chain RingZuri Cuban Chain Ring
  • Our best seller Necklace!

  • Hit us with your new ideas!

  • Our best seller Bracelets!

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